Wind assessment


Wind resource assessment through WRF mesoscale model and FUROW: Madrid region´s wind map

This work aims to create a wind map at 80 m height of the Community of Madrid using FUROW, the most complete wind software of the market developed by SOLUTE Ingenieros. For this purpose, the wind speed and direction data at mesoscale size has been simulated using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, and FUROW has been used to model the microscale wind field as the model is able to use mesoscale/reanalysis information to generate wind maps at a much finer resolution.

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Furow´s course demonstration

FUROW (For Uncertainty Reduction of Wind) is the new software of analisys and meteorological data representation, wind resource assessment and micrositing developed by SOLUTE inside the ETSWIND project cofinanced by CDTI (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology).

This software is the main result of the strategical bet, for a wind resource assessment and micrositing department, done by the company six years ago.

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WINDUR: Installation, measurement and assessment campaign of wind resource in urban environment

The WINDUR project, in which Solute is participating, is active and in due course. One of the activities developed up to now is the installation of meteorological masts to launch the wind measurement campaign in urban environment.

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