For the last years, Solute has consolidated its position as a reliable engineering provider in the automotive industry thanks to the specialization of its simulations services.

The evolution of Solute in this industry is continuous. Since it was validated as an engineering provider for a big automotive group, its participation and involvement in the most important projects has been growing. This progress haven´t gone unnoticed and it has allowed Solute to begin to work for several brands of the group. Analysis and calculation of finite element models of structures and mechanical parts, thermal analysis of the components, impact simulations, pedestrian protection…the specialization of our services allows the client an important saving in the manufacturing process.

From our offices in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Solute is providing services not only in Spain but also in Germany, what it shows that the trust given to our company have been reciprocated by well-done work and solutions provided in the projects where it has participated.


  • Calculation and verification of the geometrical behavior of the gaps between parts in trunk door panel due to thermal expansions.
  • Calculation and analysis of deformation in the car’s structures for low and high speed crashes. The aim of low speed crashes calculation is to get good ratings for the insurance companies. Those results are given by the tests drafted by RCAR.
  • Structural-mechanical calculation and analysis of automotive components such as: connecting rod, porters, doors, etc.
  • Pedestrian protection and safety simulations. Head, Lower Leg and Upper Leg Impacts. The aim is to achieve the objectives established in the project in order to be evaluated by different consumers associations as EURO-NCAP.
  • Crash Simulations with sensors implemented. Those sensors are used for programming Passive Safety Devices triggering.