Solute is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm headquartered in Madrid, Spain. We take great pride in our expertise, clients and projects.

Our mission is to provide quality services to different companies that demand advanced, innovative and reliable technical solutions. These solutions have been made and offered for operational services and R&D projects.

Above all else, Solute strives to provide outstanding service and technical excellence. We listen, collaborate and confer with our clients to ensure successful projects.

We work alongside its clients from the conceptual idea through the final solution, anticipating, avoiding and facing non-predicted scenarios according to our know-how and experience.

Since our inception, our company has provided expertise in renewable energy and automotive sector among others. Our staff collaborates with teams across the country, across disciplines and across our offices. Expertise is shared throughout the firm, via discussions and augmented by our network intranet.

We believe the best solutions are created by teams – let us know how we can help you.

Blades operation support

Working with the biggest wind turbines manufacturers has provided Solute a wide experience in Wind Energy sector and now, are the wind farm owners who ask Solute for its support to understand, improve and optimize the operation of the most critical components of a wind turbine.

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Applied CFD aerodynamics

One of the fundamentals in the aerodynamic design of a car is the study of how the air enters through the under-hood and distributes around the different elements of a car that must be cooled down.

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