Wind resource

The initial point for the successful wind projects must be the most accurate wind resource assessment.

Solute has always been responsive to clients’ demands aiming to deliver customized products that suit concrete sites, conditions and needs. We have offered simple and basic meteorological towers sufficient to conduct measurement campaigns correctly when the situation was not very demanding, fully equipped met mast towers with the adequate accessories for complex sites and severe conditions (anemometers, thermometers, hygrometer, heating power supply mechanisms, etc.) needless is to say, for all hub heights. Along with the material supply comes the campaign management support service, delivering reports on the performance of devices and the progress of operations.

Solute goes further in the scope offering wind resource assessment services to interpret the data recovered drafting proposals and reports which have been key in many decision making processes. Our engineers have detected many atypical situations which have had severe impacts on project development, plus they are abreast of indications of international organisms and latest trends in research hence, Solute started developing its own software tool for wind prediction, wind resource assessment and estimation of energy yield. With this project, we started performing wind measurements and duly analysis, with SODAR technology. Nowadays our engineers are experts in measuring and evaluating wind resource making use of this avant-garde technology.

The analyses and studies in this area include:

  • Measurement campaigns of meteorological variables with meteorological masts and SODAR device.
  • Full meteorological studies.
  • Estimation of energy yield in a specific a location and evaluation of energy losses.
  • Estimation of the wind power curve a wind farm.
  • Reconstruction of time series.
  • Short and medium term prediction of wind speed, direction and energy production.
  • Diagnosis of extreme wind speed events.