Solar projects

From hybrid projects with solar energy source up to big solar parks, Solute performs all the needed phases to build solar projects, adapting to the requirements of the clients.

SOLUTE carries out design and execution of PV solar projects ,either grid or non-grid connected, providing turnkey solutions, customized to the needs of its customers.

Since small installations up to big solar plants, we study the characteristics of each project in depth, sizing up adapted solutions for each situation. 

We perform studies of electrical generation and consumption and propose the best solutions, not only since the technical point of view, but also from the economical view, offering different technological alternatives for each case, including the integration of hybrid systems.

Resource and feasibility studies

  • Solar resource evaluation: obtaining, processing and  analysis of radiation data of the site.
  • Studies of energetic production and consumption.
  • Analysis of different installations, both grid and non grid connected.

Economic assessment of the projects

  • Studies of the economic flows of the project.
  • Calculation of profitability ratios.
  • Sensitivity analysis to different variables.

Project Engineering 

  • Design and planning of renewable energies installations.
  • Integration with current energetic systems.
  • Engineering, drafting projects, technical management and civil works management.

Supply of equipment, installation, assembly and maintenance

  • Supply and transports of equipment Suministro y transporte de equipos.
  • Installation, operative tests and start up of the installation.
  • Operation and maintenance through the support of technical and commercial staff along the useful life of the installation.