The SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) is a wind measurement device. Its physical principle of operation is based on the use of acoustic waves.

An essential task to plan and build a functional wind farm, is wind resource assessment. Because estimations of energy production depend on it and all subsequent actions for that matter. Solute has thrown itself into developing new methodologies to maximize the information recovered about wind’s behavior in each specific site. Our engineers make use of advanced technological devices to perform wind measurements; practices which endow Solute to be considered a qualified specialist in these kind of analyses.

The SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) is a wind measurement device. Its physical principle of operation is based on the use of acoustic waves, it employs Doppler shift to obtain wind data at different heights with one single pulse. We deliver campaign management services and wind resource assessment support to interpret the registers and offer conclusion reports. Our engineers examine records to characterize the vertical wind shear and its evolution with height. Solute owns several SODAR devices which cover up to 250 meters in optimal conditions. They are compact devices which weigh approximately 2 kg thus ease logistics and enable our technicians prompt setup.

The confidence clients have on us and reliability of results have called for the use of these devices in projects outside Spain. Not only in European sites but also for initiatives overseas; in South American countries for example, Solute is the first company to have installed a SODAR in Uruguay and carry out the corresponding measurement campaign. Our engineers take care of logistics, infrastructure and management required to install, commission, operate, maintain and dismantle the device once the program completed. We are in permanent contact with the client throughout the measurement campaign, duly informing about any issue that may arise and furnishing  solutions. Due to the knowledge we master in the subsequent stages of wind farm development, our experience with wind turbines, structures, mechanisms and relevant procedures, we are qualified to give the clients recommendations if they require any, thus delivering an exhaustive and highly valuable wind resource assessment.

The main uses Solute has done of SODAR devices have been limited to wind resource analysis at client’s sites and R&D purposes, however this technology features more applications:

  • Environmental impact analysis.
  • Detection of wind shear patterns in airports.
  • Characterization of land and sea breezes.
  • Urban heat islands’ circulation.
  • Topographically induced flows.
  • Nocturnal inversion formation and decay.
  • Clear air turbulence studies.
  • Vertical temperature structure.