Since the most simple analysis up to a big size project, have to be subjected to look for the improvement, development of the identified improvement and innovation of the usefulness.

The globalization and the technical and technological evolutions make the companies to be forced to change and adapt to compete with high competitive companies of anywhere of the world

Solute, as a technological company, is convinced about the need to implement projects of R&D&i to evolve, increase our competitiveness and become an engineering of worldwide reference. On the other side, we are conscious of the efforts that implies to jump on serious projects that gives exploitable results, therefore, besides developing our own projects, we are open to collaborate with companies, universities and technological centers with farsightedness.

As a result of this mentality, in Solute, we are collaborating in projects with spanish universities, getting the support and trustfulness of the Center for Industrial Technological Development of Spain (CDTI), or participating in consortia with european companies to face relevant technological challenges for the future.

In Solute, we appreciate the confidence of these institutions, universities, technological centers  and companies, both national and european, with which we participate in these projects. These supports motivate us to continue demostrating that we are a serious and ambitious company, capable to compete globally with any company of its industry.