Outsourcing and training

We offer all options to provide our services and knowledge.


Solute makes sincere efforts to give its customers all facilities and ease works at all times, evidencing the eagerness and dedication to collaboration. We believe this is the first step to accomplish mutual trust and initiate smooth working relationships always keeping focus on hi quality performance services in order to meet clients’ demands and expectations.

Each proposal will articulate different type of relationships with different degree of involvement on both sides, see below three different ways SOLUTE to allocate manpower. These have suited all necessities up to present but any other system could be arranged, contact our people to discuss any proposals:

  • Work Packages
    In these cases the client defines a specific task or series of tasks from a larger project with a limited and detailed scope which will be conducted by our engineers in our office spaces. Communication between our people (project manager or any other stakeholder) and the client is fluent and constant. With this practice client achieves significant increase in its productivity, due to the fact that delegating enables him to focus on other issues and whilst executing work packages in our offices. Externalization is the word which would best define this practice.
  • Outsourcing
    Occasionally, our clients require increasing the available labor force for specific projects. It is in these occasions, when Solute does a previous reflection with the client in order to define the precise profile which is needed for the job. We then exert ourselves to find the perfect match and send them to the client’s offices for a period of time, as long as the job takes, to deliver that extra edge. When the project has concluded, SOLUTE’s engineers come back home to continue with other tasks.
  • Work packages + Outsourcing
    For certain projects, the customer demands a small team (one or two engineers) which works in its offices, integrated in its team and a remote team carrying out work packages in Solute’s facilities for that project. This arrangement enables the client to have large control of operations without the need to dedicate many resources to supervision nor performance: With a representative in its offices responsible for the performance of the remote team executing works.


Solute has close collaboration relationships with prestigious universities. These relationships have been established so as to carry out specific initiatives together like project development, organizing specific training courses in which our workers would be the teachers  deploying their skills, conducting miscellaneous tests, etc. These courses have become very popular and we have received recurring demands to teach these courses in different organizations. Solute has therefore become the solution that bridges the gap between the universities and the private companies.

Some of the modules taught by Solute are:

  • Wind energy
  • Structural analysis of finite elements and advanced numerical simulation
  • Project management