Mechanical and structural analysis

Behavior and integrity of components and systems. Static, dynamic, thermic and fatigue analysis. Civil engineering. Implementation of official and customer´s own regulations.

Solute provides structural and mechanical calculations services, involving itself actively in the engineering process of the product of its clients.

The structural calculation department performs static, dynamic, termics and fatigue studies of components or systems, giving information to the client about the structural behavior, as well as advice in the design, and always considering the following processes: manufacture, materials and requests. 

Metallic Structure Welded Joints Damage Results

All the calculations and studies can be focused to official regulations or client´s own regulations. We count on big experience in regulations EHE, Eurocodes,VDI,…

Also, we accumulate a wide experience in the structural analysis using all kind of materials, specially metallic and composed materials.

Solute count on a department specialized in civil engineering which performs design and calculation projects of metallic and concrete structures, foundations design and hydraulic and drainage calculation for linear works and structures.

Automobile Structural Design