Once the whole project has been assembled it is time to do the micro-siting study.

Once the whole project has been assembled, that is, there is a Clima object with met mast statistics, there are wind resource maps with all grid points properties and a new wind farm has been created, it is time to do the micro-siting study, and in particular, the energy yield calculations.

Wake models and wake effects

 There are seven wake models that can be used to run the energy yield calculations. Regarding wake effects, this modules allows recreating the whole wind field for a particular sector including the wake induced wind.

Energy losses

These losses are taken into account when launching an energy yield calculation in order to provide the user with the final net values of energy production.

Energy yields

Energy yield calculations are based on the maps calculated on the previous stage of wind resource calculation as well as in the Clima object. Once those are defined, wind turbines are set on the desired positions and wake model is chosen to calculate wake losses. Moreover, DRIX correction can be applied in case of complex terrain

Uncertainty analysis

Uncertainties in a wind project comes from different sources. In Furow these uncertainties are classified in those coming from wind speed and direction, and others from wind farm configuration and performance.

Site compliance

Within the micro-siting menu, it is possible to evaluate IEC parameters to check the class and subclass for each position of the wind farm.

Wind farm power curve

A wind farm power curve indicates the power level of a given wind farm for every wind speed and direction measured at any point of the site.

Sector management

Sector ManagementWithin the Wind farm object properties, there is a tab where it is possible to manually implement a wind sector management strategy to stop wind turbines for certain wind speed and direction ranges. Several strategies can be added for every wind turbine (one by one), but it is also possible to visualize all strategies within the same table. For preliminary calculations, also a constant value of losses can be added.

Site distorsion

When wind measurements have been taken at a met mast position which is influenced by the presence of nearby wind turbines, measurements may not represent the real values of wind behavior but a distorted flow caused by wind turbines rotation. In those cases it is necessary to correct wind measurements of wind speed and wind speed standard deviation with the wind speed deficits and added turbulence created by the wind turbines.

Curtailment strategies

It is possible to implement a wind sector management (WSM) strategy to stop wind turbines for certain wind speed and direction ranges. This maybe helpful to mitigate effects of added turbulence due to wakes.

Energy report of the project

As the most complete wind software, Furow provides all the information of the project with a final energy report including meteorological information and energy figures for the whole wind farm and each individual wind turbine.