Business areas

The specialization of the engineering services that Solute offers, permits to operate in several industries.

Solute began operating as a calculation engineering of the aerospace industry. Thanks to its ambition for growing and develop new capabilities, began to operate in other industries, adapting its services in a fast and efficient way. This capability to adapt, face new challenges in a successful way and increase its skills, have done that, in its eight years of history, Solute has a privileged front position in strategic industries and with clients of worldwide presence. Any industry with products, structures or mechanisms with calculation needs is susceptible to be covered by the Solute´s capabilities. Therefore, Solute has a wide growth potential, knowing that the industries where it has more experience are the base of its development.

The versatility of the company gives a competitive advantage against other engineering firms, independently of the size of these ones, not only in a national level, but also in an international level. This versatility, joined to the natural ambition of the company, has brought Solute to develop an internationalization process where it is immerse. In this international framework, the possibilities of doing business multiply and, use the resources in an efficient way, become the current difficulty. To be conscious of the possibilities of the company in different industries and in different countries, at the same time of being conscious of its limitations, makes those growing possibilities of Solute an immediate reality.