Furow v1.2, the international presentation

With the new season, a new stage has come for the most complete wind software of the market Furow.

From a technical point of view, during the last months we have been working in a new software update and, at the end of September, Furow v1.2 will be released having as the main features:

- Manual flagging, in this new version the user will be able to flag data without any need to use the flag with rules function. It will be as easy as selecting the data which should be flagged and/or erased and perform the operation wished by the user. This operation could be done in the next graphic tabs: diurnal profile, annual profile, histogram, versus plot and accumulative distribution. It can be applied to multiple channels
- Wind resource calculation only in the specific points of a map, usually where the user would place the wind turbines, reducing considerably the calculation time during a wind resource calculation
- Possibility to calculate the wind resource map of an area using several reference masts

Moreover, several solutions are being developed to small problems presented by the clients, such as visual issues of the software or the possibility of applying slope and offset on different time steps and time ranges.

With this new version, a new module has been developed in order to download data for long term correlation with measurements based on the possibility given to the client to download data from the sources MERRA, MERRA2 and ERA INTERIM. The main advantage in comparison with other software of the market which offer a similar service is the possibility to obtain interpolated reanalysis data at any point of the globe and not only in the fixed nodes of the data source.

It is important to highlight that these modules and solutions have been demanded by the current clients of Furow attending their requirements to continue improving the software and to develop an essential tool for the analysis performed in the wind farm projects they carry out.

This update will coincide with the official presentation of the software in the Windeurope Summit (https://windeurope.org/summit2016/), the most important wind event worldwide, and the most important event of wind resource analysis in North America “AWEA Wind Resource & Project energy assessment conference 2016” (http://www.awea.org/events/Event.aspx?EventID=41840). Both events will be held the same dates September 27th, 28th and 29th in Hamburg (Germany) and Minneapolis (United States of America) respectively.

Solute has been selected to present a comparative of the wind flow model of Furow against WasP and OpenFOAM in complex terrain. This study shows the reliability of the wind resource analysis of Furow in comparison to a CFD and the lineal model wind flow software reference in the market.

These events become the official presentation of Furow to the European and North American markets.

With the aim to reinforce the position of the company in the wind industry, Solute has decided to become a member of Windeurope showing also its support to the association and its commitment with the European wind industry.

On the other hand, Solute continues looking for trustful partners to support the distribution of the software in every country which is developing wind energy. Thanks to these efforts, it has been signed the first collaboration agreement with a company for the distribution of Furow in China and Thailand.