Busy months

Last months have been very busy for Solute. We have organized and attended different events not only in our offices but also abroad. Besides, new projects and customers have reinforced the position of the company.

We held the wind resource training week in our offices. The most important days of the week were those of the intensive course of Furow (www.solute.es/furow). It was the first official course for companies who are already clients or want to go deeper into the software before its purchase. Ten people from six companies attended the course. Iberdrola Renovables, Iberdrola Ingeniería y construcciones, EDP Renovaveis, Enerfin, Alarde Group and Enhol Group were represented.

The companies congratulated and encouraged us to keep promoting Furow in any country promoting the wind energy industry. In this regard, Solute is talking with companies already known due to previous businesses or contacts done during the last years. The aim is to get a trustful distribution network in the wind industry worldwide.

The surprise prepared for the companies which attended the course was the new version of Furow v1.1, released with improvements in all the modules of the software. The most important improvements were:

1. Data loading and analysis module:

- Possibility of performing MCP analysis using masts with different time step
- Possibility of performing MCP analysis using more than one reference mast creating a ranking through correlation coefficient
- Included "Rotor equivalent wind speed" module

2. Wind resource module:

- Compute in parallel program, thread: Calculate Wind maps(resource, validation, extreme wind
- Compute in parallel program, thread: Calculate Weibull parameters
- Compute in parallel program, thread: Calculate Processing of wind resource for more sectors

3. Energy yield and micrositing module:

- Implementation of new wake model: Bastankhah & Porté-Agel
- Compute in parallel program, thread: Calculate Energy Yield
- Possibility of calculating Effective wind speed
- Possibility of calculate iteratively incident wind speed (up to 5 iterations)

One week later, Solute visited the Iran renewable energy fair to sign a collaboration agreement with the local company Hamoon group to promote wind energy projects in Iran and look for possibilities of distribution of Furow.

This fair took place in Teheran at the beginning of March. It was the 8th edition of the fair and there were many international companies represented showing the potential of this country in renewable energy industry for the next years.

The influence of the fair is expected to grow during the next years and become more important in the Middle East area.

At the middle of March, we received a representation of Hamoon group to go deep in potential businesses.

Also, our loads department have been strengthen thanks to the achievement of new projects and clients. 

Solute is collaborating with EDP Renovaveis in the development of the wind turbine for the project gravi3 (http://www.gravi3.com). The aim of this project is to develop a new offshore foundation based in mixed-concrete-steel self-buoyant made by three concrete caissons supporting a steel tripod.

During the las month, Solute has become provider of one of the biggest Spanish utilities in the electric and gas industry. It is a strategical business relationship with a large industrial group to design and deliver turnkey projects of integrated solutions that endow flue gas treatment in different industrial plants so as to comply with the international standards.

Finally, on January was the 10th anniversary of Solute. Austerity and hard work of the staff is what has made Solute to keep improving despite of the severe economic years Spain is going through.

We want to take advantage of these lines to thank to each person who remains and has remained to the company. Thanks to them Solute is today a reference in the Spanish engineering industry. We keep thinking and working for our clients and to give the best of ourselves in each project.