Advanced numerical simulation

Elaboration, calculation and post-process of finite element models using a wide variety of software.

As a step of the structural and mechanical studies, it is common to perform components and systems simulations through the methodology of finite elements.

Solute has knowledge and experience in different preprocessors, calculation and postprocessors softwares, to develop the Finite Element Models (FEM). Our capabilities permit to elaborate global and detailed models, having the possibility of calculate and then, post process those models.

Besides traditional numerical simulation, consisting in the generation of a model as of a given geometry, and the application of the loads and the corresponding boundary conditions, Solute is involved in the most advanced lines of numerical simulation investigations, like:

  • Modeling and static and fatigue joints calculation: Hot-spot method, fatigue, multiaxial, …
  • Structural optimization through software, with methodologies as topologic optimization, topographic, free size (thickness optimization) or free shape.
  • Implementation of the last regulation of composed material (VDI 2014) in post-processes.
  • Complex non lineal calculation. Either for nonlinearity of material, or geometrics, or contact among components.